It’s been too long since I’ve let myself get lost in music. This morning, on a whim, I downloaded Barbra Streisand’s new album to listen to on my morning walk. 

Her voice. Such art! The duets with the various male artists took me places I hadn’t visited in a long time. Healing. 

Fit by Fourth: Questions to Find Success

This week, Los encouraged us to answer three questions for the Fit by Fourth fitness challenge. Here are my answers:

  • What are 3 things you have done in 2014 that you are PROUD OF?
  1. Being a good rugby team momager. 
  2. Taking senior portraits of Kadie, Sarah & Jess
  3. Speaking at Mills Campus Life Club on “What the Father is Like
  • What did YOU DO to make those things happen?
  1. I invested my energy, my creativity (that’s key), my thoughts, my time, my prayers . I gave these activities and relationships my priority.
  2. I drew on past experiences & learning.
  3. I had help; None of those activities were just about me. There were others that I did this with and connected with. We did this things together.
  • Who HELPED you accomplish them?
  1. The rugby team (Terry, Mark, other parents, and the board),
  2. Sarah, Jessica, Kadie, Connie, &, Mark
  3. The Club staff & students, Mark
  4. The Lord in every instance “Please help me.” Also, my girls & Mark supported and gave up their time & expectations of me.
  • How can you transfer those systems to THIS CHALLENGE?
  1. Invest myself in this…be totally in…including my creativity.
  2. Draw on what I know works. Remember past successes to play down the negative voices. 
  3. Get help. Pray - ask the Lord for help. Include my girls, Mark, and others. Connect with people to make this fun and about relationships.

I didn’t really want to do this exercise at first. But, wow, this has been so helpful and enjoyable. I feel encouraged.

Fit by Fourth: YOU, Jenny, Can do this!

A letter to me:

Dear Jenny,

Congratulations on joining Carlos Whittaker’s Fit by Fourth! In just 7 short weeks, you WILL be fitter, feeling stronger, more energetic, fit into more of the clothes you want to wear, and look better.

I’m writing to encourage to stay with it - stay the course, don’t give up! You are so worth it! When it’s hard, and it will be a times, remember why you want to be healthier - more fit. 

You (I - it’s confusing writing a letter to myself :) ) want to:

  • have more energy for myself, family and friends
  • not be so self-conscious about my weight that I hide
  • fit into my clothes
  • be able to look in the mirror
  • be a motivating example to my girls, my husband, and others
  • not get diabetes or other health issues
  • be healthy
  • be confident (my weight - body image - hurts that)
  • live a long, vital life

No more hiding, girl. It’s time to put it out there on the line and be who you want to be. You want to be fit. it is part of your personality. It’s time to reclaim it. 

Think about this: on July 4th you will probably go to the parade with the family. It’s usually so stinking hot. This year, this time, you’re going to feel more comfortable because of the weight you’ve lost and the health you’ve regained. Won’t that be awesome?!

Better health, more energy & more confidence will lead to more creativity. You know this is true. Go for it!

Taking good care of yourself = taking good care of your family. 

You can do this!